Shower Baths

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Shower Baths

High quality British-made shower baths complete with a standard 25 year guarantee.

The baths are made from the highest quality acrylic and conforms to BS EN263, so you can be assured that you have a bathtub of the highest quality.

Some of the baths are eligible for our premier reinforced upgrade, which gives the bath better heat retaining properties and the feel of a steel bath. Adding the premier finish option increases the guarantee to 30 years as standard.

  • Premier Finish Upgrade Available

What is the Premier Finish Upgrade?

Premier Finish is an additional surface applied to the exterior hull of the bath and is a substantial reinforcement process for an acrylic bath. This reinforcement process results in each bath being incredibly strong and hard-wearing. This gives you the reminiscent assurance of an old cast iron bath but with the natural warmth and quality acrylic has.

The intensive reinforcement processes and final ‘flow coat’ jacket to the entire underside of the bath adds strength and insulating properties, thus keeping your bath water hotter for longer.

Features of Premier Finish:

  • Warm to the touch and insulating – unlike metal baths, acrylic will help keep your bathwater warm for longer.
  • Naturally glossy – does not lose its ‘brand-new-bath’ look over time.
  • Easy to Clean – Totally smooth and nick-free

1700 - 1749 mm
700 - 749 mm
750 - 799 mm
850 - 899 mm
1700 - 1749 mm